The vision of your broadcasting network is to create a world-class Evangelical interdenominational Christian media Broadcasting Network in different languages, focusing on reaching out to the lost and fulfilling the great commission. This vision is broad and aims to have a global impact. Means The means by which your organization aims to accomplish its objectives …

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MaEzer Semay broadcasting network has a clear and ambitious mission, vision, and means for achieving its objectives. Here’s a breakdown of these key elements: Mission: The mission of your broadcasting network is to establish and operate a Christian TV, Radio, and Internet media Broadcasting Network that operates 24/7 and reaches a global audience. The mission …

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The objectives of this broadcasting network media organization are central to its mission and are subject to occasional adoption and refinement by the board of directors. The primary themes of these objectives are as follows: A. To maintain and operate a 24-hour Christian TV, Radio, and Internet media broadcasting network tailored for Eritrean audiences, delivering …

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