The vision of your broadcasting network is to create a world-class Evangelical interdenominational Christian media Broadcasting Network in different languages, focusing on reaching out to the lost and fulfilling the great commission. This vision is broad and aims to have a global impact.

The means by which your organization aims to accomplish its objectives include:
– Preaching and teaching the word of God through various media outlets.
– Broadcasting audio messages via radio and visual messages via TV.
– Utilizing online platforms for audio, visual, and written content delivery.
– Producing and distributing gospel content messages and songs through written, audio, visual, and electronic media.
– Organizing spiritual social activities to engage with the community and promote spiritual growth.

This mission, vision, and means provide a comprehensive framework for your broadcasting network’s activities, emphasizing the importance of spreading the gospel and equipping believers through various media channels. It’s clear that your organization aims to make a significant impact on both a local and global scale.

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