The objectives of this broadcasting network media organization are central to its mission and are subject to occasional adoption and refinement by the board of directors. The primary themes of these objectives are as follows:

A. To maintain and operate a 24-hour Christian TV, Radio, and Internet media broadcasting network tailored for Eritrean audiences, delivering spiritual content and promoting Christian values.

B. To receive, manage, and allocate gifts, bequests, donations, and other forms of funding that support the organization’s mission and activities.

C. To acquire, own, and maintain real estate, buildings, and other necessary personal property or lease such properties to facilitate the organization’s operations.

D. To engage in, establish, execute, and fulfil contracts of various types, without limitations on the monetary value, in furtherance of the organization’s mission.

The ultimate goal of these objectives is to aid believers in their spiritual journeys by helping them grow in their understanding of the grace and knowledge of the Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. It aims to guide them in living lives that are in accordance with the principles of God and preparing themselves to stand complete in Christ Jesus when the day of the Lord Jesus Christ arrives.


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